OPEN MEETING 4/24 at the Track 6pm

 Beginner Car Inspection

March 12th 9am to 1pm

March 19th 9am to 1pm

Pre-Season Work Duty

March 18th 10am to 3pm

March 25th 10am to 3pm

April 8th 9am to 2pm

April 22nd 9am to 2pm

May 4th 5pm to 10pm

Beginner Training 

March 26th Noon to 4pm

April 2nd Noon to 4pm

April 9th Noon to 4pm

April 23rd Noon to 4pm

April 30th Noon to 4pm

May 5th 5pm to ??  GRADUATION

Regular Car Inspection

March 26th Noon to 2pm

April 2nd Noon to 2pm

April 9th Noon to 2pm

April 23rd Noon to 2pm

April 30th Noon to 2pm