Date's to Remember:

Beginner Car Inspection:
March 3rd - 9am-1pm
March 10th - 9am-1pm
March 23rd - 9am-1pm
*car must be inspected with driver before starting driver training*

Beginner Training:
March 24th - 12-4pm
March 31st - 12-4pm
April 7th - 12-4pm
April 14th - 12-4pm
April 28th - 12-4pm
Graduation: May 3rd - 5pm
*must attend 75% of driver training classes*

Regular Car Inspection:
March 24th - 11am-2pm
March 31st - 11am-2pm
April 7th - 11am-2pm
April 14th - 11am-2pm
April 28th - 11am-2pm

Preseason Work Duty:
March 3rd - 10am-3pm
March 10th - 10am-3pm
March 23rd - 10am-3pm
April 6th - 10am-3pm
April 13th - 10am-3pm
April 27th - 10am-3pm
*must do 5 hours of preseason duty prior to the start of the season*